About Us

The Dam Safety Organization, KSEBL started functioning in 2006. The headquarters of DSO, KSEBL is at Pallom, Kottayam district in the state of Kerala. KSEBL has 59 storage dams/diversion structures located in 8 districts including five very high (height greater than 100m) dams of national importance. It also has 14 high dams (height 30m to less than 100m), 15 medium-high dams (height 15m to less than 30m), and 25 low high (height 10m to less than 15m)and other dams.

To improve the health and safety of dams under KSEBL and to reduce the risk to life and property of stake holders downstream through effective dam safety procedures.

To improve and maintain the safety and operational performance of the dams and connected structures, ensure safe operation of gates and control structures, monitoring structural and operational safety of dams, carry out inspections and prepare health reports, undertaking activities for improving safety of dams.